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weekend those commercials that aired during the breaks and action on field. we have a sneak peek at what you'll see this sunday. >> hey son, have fun tonight. ♪ ♪ come on get happy >> you're three minutes late. >> there's no cloud on a sunny day. >> respect. ♪ >> reporter: going to be a lot of fun. there's going to be a poignant moment before the game in the pre-game festivities. 26 students from sandy hook elementary will sing "america the beautiful," an anonymous donor paid for them, pair families and staff members to
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come here and enjoy the weekend in new orleans. richard, back to you. the first jobs report will be released this morning. analysts predict one employment will stay at 7.8%. tracie potts is live in washington. >> reporter: they are not expecting a lot to change in terms of the unemployment rate but in terms of the number of jobs actually created last month the numbers are all over the place between 75 and 200,000 still not quite enough to get a strong recovery going. now we do know 38,000 more people over the past week applied for unemployment benefits. and so we're seeing some different indicators in terms of what the economy is doing. that debt ceiling vote the senate has approve it, the house already did so we can borrow morgan to pay our bills through may. congress at that point will have to deal with it again. richard? >> tracie potts in washington.
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thank you. new yorkers are waking up to the news of the passing of an icon, one of the city's and nation's most outspoken and popular politicians, ed koch has died of congestive heart failure. he served in world war ii and later was elected to three terms as mayor of new york city. ed koch dead at the age of 88. dramatic and contention day of testimony for senator charlie hagel. >> reporter: john mccain seized on hagel's opposition to the surge in iraq. >> the question is, are we right or wrong? that's a pretty straightforward question. >> well, i'm not going to give you a yes or no answer. >> reporter: over his 2008 comments related to israel that a quote jewish lobby intimidate a lot of people in congress. >> name one person in your opinion who is intimidated by the israeli lobby in the united states senate.
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>> well, first -- >> name one. >> i don't know. >> reporter: hagel was repeatedly pressed by both democrats and republicans to make clear this point on israel. >> i strongly support israel. >> reporter: and clarified his stan on iran. >> by the way, i've just been handed a note that i misspoke. >> reporter: hagel said he fully backs the president's position that iran cannot be allowed to get nuclear weapons and says the u.s. should talk to iran. >> that was nbc's kelly o'donnell. los angeles archbishop has taken action against his predecessor. the official action was taken in response to the priest's abuse scandal and records showing mahony and others tried to
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conceal abuse of children from police. the family of a young boy held captive in an underground bunker are waiting for his release. fbi negotiators say their strategy is to wear out suspected kidnapper jimmy lee dykes. they have been talking to the 65-year-old through a pipe in the ground. he's accused of kidnapping 5-year-old ethan after storming his school bus. ethan has not been harmed as the hostage standoff goes into fourth day. three stories that we'll be developing later today. secretary of state hillary clinton says her good-byes at the white house in the morning and then gives a farewell address at the state department later in the afternoon. moments later, former senator john kerry takes the oath and the title of secretary of state. meanwhile, keep an eye on vice president joe biden who is in germany meeting with angela merkel. they'll have a midday press conference. how is your friday weekend weather looking? we're looking forward to this
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weekend. >> super bowl. >> be inside really for that day. >> yeah. if you have to travel. everybody in san francisco very curious what will happen in new orleans. let's talk about the national forecast and break down for what will happen for you in the west and your weekend. the big story is the cold. it's really cold. yesterday was bad. today just as bad with negative wind chills as far as south as kansas city. it spread through the mountain areas through utah. the pink shading is teen wind chills those head into nevada. jet stream pattern, this is what you like to see in the west. if you like nice mild air and not worry about snowy travel, the jet stream dip to the east a lot of clipper loss. this weather pattern will hold for the next four to five days. we have a storm system well off the coast heading for alaska. not only will we see a nice weekend in california, nevada and arizona but also oregon and washington state. overall you're looking great as
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these clipper loss miss you. your forecast looking nice today. going to look like yesterday. l.a. in the 70s. 50 in san francisco. not bad in the northwest. the weekend a bitter shot of more sunshine. west is best. >> watch the game beer garden in the west outside would not be bad. good idea. straight ahead developing story involving a suicide bomber in front of the u.s. embassy in turkey. breaking details next. an explosion in mexico. scores wounded and killed.
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welcome back. we begin with a story developing this morning. an explosion has been reported
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outside of the u.s. embassy in turkey pap suicide attacker detonate ad bomb killing two people and injuring several who are. turkish television reports the embassy had not been damaged. in mexico, dozens of survivors are hospitalized after an explosion at pemex, 25 people died and more than 100 injured. the cause of that blast is still under investigation. some scary moments aboard an alaskan airlines flight heading for seattle when the pilot lost consciousness. the capable and quick thinking second in command took over the controls to safely land the plane. medical crews met the 737 on the tarmac. still no word on what caused the pilot to black out. in california the number of hispanic residents will soon be higher the number of whites. the california department of finance predicts after the balance shifts next year it will have an impact on politics, social issues and education.
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hawaii and new mexico are the only other two states in the union where whites are not the majority. from austria we have new video of four very rare white tiger cubs born at a private zoo in late december. these cubs are doing well but only about 300 white tigers worldwide. scary moments last night aboard an alaskan airlines flight heading for seattle when the pilot lost consciousness. we'll follow that story for you here on nbc. today marks the 10th anniversary of the american heart association's go red for women campaign. over the past decade awareness that heart disease is the number one killer of women has gone up and death from the disease have gone down. 90% of people who registered with the go red campaign made a healthy lifestyle change like changing their eating or exercise habits or getting their cholesterol checked.
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the dow shot up nearly 1,000 points last month logging it's best january since 1994. the s&p saw its biggest gain since '97. some context here. since 1950 a january in the black has led to full year gains 90% of the time. oh, how we hope. earnings on deck this morning, drugmaker merck and chevron and exxonmobil. gas is up to $3.42. and the ceo for peregon was sentenced to snail for cheating investors out of their money. justice department says not so fast over their purchase of a company. don't watch football? netflix is rolling out its first original content today. a political drama starring kevin spacey. and if you're making guac for
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the big game, consumers will consume 180 million avocados on sunday. next lion, tigers and bears. a super bowl prediction you don't want to miss. and is former president clinton teaming up with sylvester stallone? details coming up.
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now to some other stories that caught our eye this morning. we begin in indiana and pennsylvania where snowy conditions proved dangerous for drivers.
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road closures and multicar pileups plagued commuters while low visibility claims two lives in detroit and injured others. now to philadelphia where a scary tumble was caught on security cameras. the man was seen stumbling before he loses his balance and falls over the train platform. others helped to the man up. fortunately no trains were coming at that time. next to virginia will radford college students woke up to a nasty surprise when they discovered their cars were flooded. school officials say water from a nearby dam was released safer midnight and the university made announcements and went door to door to warn students. but not everyone evidently got the message and students whose cars were flooded out say they never heard any warnings. >> in nebraska a very special birthday for the zoo's newest additions. five lion cubs are one month old. the zoo gave them meat cupcakes
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but the cubs were bouncing and playing with each other. for the first time since the inauguration beyonce broke her silence on the national anthem lip syncing controversy. ♪ she was brave at a super bowl news conference in new orleans thursday the grammy winning singer erased all doubts about her ability to perform a live and in this case acapella version of the song. then she took questions over the controversy. >> due to weather, due to delay, due to no proper sound check i didn't feel comfortable taking a risk. >> beyonce will be performing the halftime show at sunday's super bowl and said yes she will
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absolutely be singing live. going to sports, upset in college basketball, number 9 butler bulldogs outplayed in the paint. surprised st. louis 75-68. in in golf, phil mickelson just missed making the opening round. the last hole birdie ended up out of the cup and he had to settle for a 60. only five players in pga history have a shot at 59. snowmobiler caleb moore has died after a crash at the x games in colorado. it happened a week ago. he walked away from the crash with a consuggestion. later he had emergency surgery for a heart contusion and suffered a brain contusion. moore was 25 years old. and beckham signed with a club in paris for five months. it's owned by the government in qatar. his salary will be donated to a
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local children's hospital in paris. and from the world of animals predicting super bowl champions we've got a grizzly bear named ozzie from the zoo in montana given a choice of two banana pies. he ate the ravens pie which indicates baltimore is his choice. he could be wrong. but he then ate the pie marked for san francisco. what does bill clinton, magic mike, sylvester stallone and bruce willis all have in common? well have the answer when we return.
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welcome back. forecast remains unchanged day after day as we go throughout
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the weekend. temperatures will be pretty close stonal for the beginning of february. if anything maybe a little bit above average. 53 in the next two days in seattle. l.a. low 70s. phoenix should be mid-70s. no problems there. there's a big golf tournament in phoenix and sunday also going to be very nice. across the board no wet weather in sight. high pressure protests all of the west. enjoy it while it lasts. this super bowl weekend will prove to be a quiet one at the box office if you're looking for "the walking dead" meets "twilight," the zombie romp will take the top. with stallone's bullet to the head fighting for second place. speaking of stallone, he has some new cast members for the franchise's third installment including president bill clinton. that's right. stallone said maybe, just maybe here we could see clinton in the upcoming action movie.
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just maybe. >> fox celebrated "die-hard"'s 25th anniversary by having bruce willis unveil a huge mural. it isn't slowing down with the fifth installment coming up this month. in between those beer ads and car commercials will be movie trails. from "star trek" to johnny depp's "the lone ranger." and the new "fast and furious" film and "ironman 3" is getting not one but two super bowl commercials one costing $8 million? >> look how much money they made with the second one they have policemen of cash. to the delight of ladies everywhere, channing tatum has confirmed he's making a "magic mike" sequel. tearing away the pants and all. going to be a good summer for movies. i don't know about the tearing of pants. >> do you have a pair of tearaway pants? >> i don't like to admit it, but
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no. it's a requirement here at nbc. >> i'm richard lui and this is just your first stop of the day today on your nbc station.
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from immigration reform to puppy super bowl predictions, here's a look at the week that was. >> reporter: this week, president obama put immigration reform at the top of his agenda. >> now's the time. >> reporter: and he wasn't the only one. >> and we have an obligation and the need to address the reality of the situation we face.
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>> reporter: from tornadoes, to snowstorms to intense weather tore through the country. anticipate others. in australia flooding caused one family to get strand and luckily rescued. another town in australia woke up to sea foam, lots of sea foam. more amazing video from abroad. this time from china where a truck overturned barely missing a materialist. and another story, an army veteran who lost all four of his limbs underwent an arm strands plant. and back in d.c. president obama brought on the miami heat and showed some love for hilary. >> i think what did evolve is a friendship. >> reporter: who's the top dog? these are the most popular breeds. golden retrievers and g-shepherds are hot, these dogs are hip. but not all animals had a good week. iran said it launched a rocket containing a monkey into space. >> they did release a photo. this is the alleged iranian
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space monkey. i'm guessing he didn't volunteer for the mission. >> reporter: and now, back to more cute puppies. >> oh, hey. you got to pick who's going to win the super bowl. you ready? uh-oh. oh, my -- the ravens! >> the ravens. >> what's your prediction. >> i'll go with the niners. my home town team. all the animals are picking the ravens. >> do you think it will be easy for the niners? >> no. it's like 3 1/2. a close one but a good one. we'll watch the first half and decide whether we have to go sleep to get up for monday. >> rough decision. you can see with blood shot eyes how tired we look. >> that means it was a good game. all day stay on top of the very latest developments on those stories and the best political analysis on msnbc. tonight be sure to watch "nbc nightly news" with brian williams and later this morning the "today show" super bowl is
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covered coast to coast. al is live from 49er country in san francisco. natalie is in baltimore. and the supermodel is live in the studio to talk about her racy super bowl ad. keep it here for continuing local news, weather, sports and more. i'm richard lui. just your first stop of the day today on your nbc station. have a great weekend.
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good morning to you. we are following two breaking news stories this morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning, everybody. i'm jon kelley. that's right. we are following breaking news.
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live video out of turkey this morning where a suicide bomber has reportedly blown themselves up outside the u.s. embassy. turkish media say the explosion happened on a side street next to the embassy. two people there now confirmed dead. several others hurt. we'll continue to monitor these developments and we'll bring you more as we get them into our newsroom. to new york city now and word former new york city mayor ed koch died of heart failure. he had been battling heart problems since leaving office back in 1990. a larger than life figure who was known for his style. koch's funeral willing monday in

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